Q-Motion Series

A compact range with no limits

DC Series
DC Series
Ultra compact multi-purpose

Compact full range front of house

High powered fold-back/multi-purpose

QM 108
Satellite 2-way

QM 600AS
QM 600AS
Compact powered sub bass

QM 1000A
Powered sub/satellite system with more

Need big sound from compact speakers? Want Multi functional capability for changing venue requirements? Q-Motion is the flexible choice professionals will love for both mobile and fixed audio installations.

The Q-Motion range begins with two powered systems and a variety of passive speaker configuration options that makes designing a compact high output system easy. Best of all, the multifunctional nature of the Q-Motion concept means you can reconfigure your system as your needs change or grow.

The “QM” Series powered and passive, mobile or fixed installations.

Two powered speaker systems form the foundation of the range, the QM 1000 sub bass + satellite system and the L600 powered sub bass system. The L108 is a 170+ RMS watt multi purpose full range 8” woofer + 1” top end on a rotate-able wave-guide format.  The QM-108 trapezoid profile works well as an ultra compact front of house speaker for stand mount or discrete permanent installation. Where a passive bass system is required, the high power handling L700 is a 2 x 12” passive sub bass designed to pack the maximum punch from the smallest package with out loosing the warmth and linearity of real high hi-fidelity bottom end.

The DC Series dual concentric full range speakers.

Mix and match your system; powered or passive, FOH or fold-back.
Quest Engineering has developed three multi purpose dual concentric full range speakers for the ultimate in compact short throw front of house/fold-back wedge speaker applications. The Q-Motion DC-08, DC-10 and DC-12 combine reliable mid-high power handling and sonic integrity, all optimized to reproduce clear vocal response without the nasty peaks.

Now power the passive system with Quest amplifiers.
When matched to Quest QA series amplifiers, the Q-Motion range becomes ultra versatile. High and Low pass filters on the QA series amplifiers remove the need for elaborate cross-overs or system processors. The Q-Motion boxes sound great without the need of extensive system EQ. Basic room correction is sufficient and the naturally smooth vocal sound of the Quest mid-high speakers is augmented by the quality of the design and power handling of the QM series bass speakers.

This new Quest range will be a very competitive solution for not just system designers, DJ’s and musicians will appreciate their compact size, light weight and high output. Just plug them in and turn them on. You don’t have to be an audio expert to have expert sound.

For more information view the Quest Motion product range:
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