Quest amplification brings Pro Audio approach to 70/100 Volt Line.

You can’t stop the music when you install a Quest PA series, 100V line amplifier.

Public address amplifiers could be said to be the utility non-glamour end of the audio market, working anonymously day after day in a dusty cupboard or equipment space. Quite invisible to all until one fails. It is amazing how quickly “no sound” reverberates up the business chain of command to impose itself on the unfortunate contractor who has supplied the faulty equipment. .

Rule #1 of the Quest Engineering design philosophy is. “Build it tough”.

Built to the same exacting specifications as the Quest QA series, the PA series is just the amplifier for demanding commercial installations where maintenance will be minimal. Available in mono-block slave and mixing amplifiers, the PA series provides a choice of power from 120 watts to 480 watts in an adaptable variety of system configurations.

There is a Quest PA amplifier for every type of venue

Quest PA-3120 front

PA-3120 front

PAB 6480 front

PAB-6480 front