HPI 15S Compact Sub Bass


HPI 15SA Self powered sub bass

Self powered sub bass speakers have some unique advantages in both mobile and fixed installation situations.The tamper proof self processing HPI-15SA is the ideal selection featuring all the design benefits of the HPI- 15S with the addition of a 900 watt purpose built amplifier and processor system.

The input section features a comprehensive control system allowing for flexible integration with active or passive speaker systems. The
stereo input section routs signal through an electronic buffer to both120Hz filtered and unfiltered line output for operating powered
High/Mid speakers.

An extension speaker output (sum L+R bass), is a unique feature that doubles the capability of the amplifier section. One extra passive HPI-15S can be connected the HPI-15SA to deliver greater output.

The HPI-15SA is the ultimate in versatility for rental hire companies and permanent or temporary system installation.Mobile band or DJ’s will love them for their power, ease of transport and like all Quest products, unbreakable reliability.

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