The 2006 model Quest QSA200i

Unique rotatable wave guide for optimum vertical and horizontal high frequency dispersion.

The 2006 model Quest QSA200i

Following from the success of the QSA200, the new model retains all the benefits of the old model with a number of improvements.

New styling and a component revision sees more output and more flexibility from the new QSA 200i.

The new QSA200i is the first of a new range of powered speakers to emerge from the new Quest factory and it's a real indicator of things to come. It's not just a restyling job, a newly developed top-end driver and an improved power amplifier, as well as multiple inputs, gives the new QSA200i more versatility. Also there are the addition of the integral stand fittings and extra rigging points. Power is a conservative 150 watts RMS and separate microphone and line level inputs make this box even better for rental and installation applications.

A very smart looking protective transit cover, which can be left on the box during operation, makes this quite a unique and functional package. It certainly has a lot to live up to. A famous Australian audio industry magazine reviewed the old model, placing it up there with competitors twice the price, so the new QSA200i will certainly be the one to beat, if you're looking for a micro-powered package that fills a silence hole without making too much of a hole in your bank account.

QS 200 front
QSA 200i front
QS 200 back
QSA 200i back