New for 2006. A lighter, more powerful and sonically better Quest amplifier

The new Quest QA3004

The new QA3004

The original Quest QA3000 was the first moderate cost, high-powered amplifier that satisfied the needs of pro-end users who didn't have the budget for the top of the market products. The QA3000 didn't noticeably degrade the sonic performance of high-end speakers and with features such as double-sided plated through circuit boards, high-quality fans and ridiculous over-engineering (try picking one up), their reliability in harsh nightclub environments was legendary. They were also a big export item for Quest and can be found from Norway to Fiji.

Regular Quest customers made comments such as, "Great! But can you make it lighter? Give it more power? What about two-rack space? Maybe an assortment of filter settings for simple x-over applications? How about better limiters?  Or can we get quick-change filters? etc., etc., etc.

Well Quest took that onboard and more.

Australia's EnTech 2006 saw the unveiling of the new Quest QA3004, and it is pretty impressive.

QA3994 front panel detail

The new Quest QA3004 features centrally located status indicators and controls

It has all of the above, Lighter, more power, pretty LEDs, great limiters and protection, lots of switches on the back etc., but the most amazing thing about this new amp can only be appreciated when you connect it to really concert quality speakers. That is, the sound.

This amplifier sounds sonically stunning. You can line this amplifier up against any good brand's best products and it will not be left behind in a wake of THD. And like all Quest products, the price/performance ratio can not be beaten

The new Quest QA3004 also features high- and low-pass filters on both channels

High and low pass filters removes the need for electronic cross-overs in many situations. Gain sensitivity selection is complimented with a very effective high speed switch-able limiter

Up close with the QA3004 easy-clean air filters

The QA3004 is being produced at the new high-tech Quest electronic manufacturing facility and will soon be joined by three extra models. What ever your power needs, there will be a QA series for you.