New for 2006

Where are the Boxes?

Sound by Quest MW In-Wall Speakers

Out of sight is not out of mind with the new Quest MW range of in-wall speakers. You can't see a speaker box but there's full bandwidth hi-fi sound. That must be an Architect's dream as far as a designing a venue or media space is concerned. Quest has done it again with another pro-standard bang-for-buck sound solution. The new MW series of in-wall/ceiling speakers are multi-way, compact, medium-powered speakers that take the good old ceiling speaker to a new level of power handling and quality.

The MW series In-Wall Speakers generate great sound with lots of power and output, and best of all are easy to install. Most small in-wall speakers are just car radio (or worse) bits, in a plastic holder with little or no design - and they sound like it too, with poor sensitivity and low power handling. Quest has moved the goal posts again with a design that caters for all parts of the design and installation chain.

Out of the box, into the wall and connect the wires to the easy access gold-plated, pro-size terminals, that's how easy it is to install the new MW Series In-Wall Loudspeakers. Focusable high-frequency transducers and high-low balance control ensure spacious imaging with amazing clarity and well-balanced sound in any listening position, not just a small "hot spot."

mw800 transducer detail

Note the focusable high-frequency transducer. It swivels to your desired position.

The top-end transducer can be directed to give coverage where it's needed. An extremely handy feature when speakers have to be mounted near walls or in aesthetic friendly locations. Note the HF boost/attenuation.

Additionally, paint them to match your décor and they practically disappear, leaving you with nothing but high-performance sound! Installation is easy as 1-2-3: cut one hole, feed the wires, and simply drop the speaker in. Rotating Cams secure the speaker safely with no extra assembly or mess:

The Cam Lugs swing in to position and lock securely

A well-designed crossover optimizes the performance of the MW series. A beefy bass driver handles plenty of power and top-end protection is insurance against over enthusiastic DJs. Aluminum front grill and water-resistant components show their worth when it comes to unfriendly environments. The polymer surround bass driver is similar to the Quest MS series, which has a proven track record around the hazardous environs of bar/nightclub and outdoor music installation.

Two models in an 8 or 6 inch format supported by a slim-line, in-wall sub-bass make this range a really clever package for everything from home 5.1 to bars and shopping centers requiring full-range, highly intelligible audio. A circular dual concentric model will also be available. Keep an eye on this one; it will be another ceiling shaker (as opposed to ground breaker).

QS 200 front

The MW Series In-Wall Speaker
(front-on, without grille)

QS 200 back

One minute and it's a smart finish