New product release

One amplifier - 96 speakers - job’s done

A big 100 volt line amplifier for the distributed system that needs lots of coverage.

There is almost no such thing as a “standard” commercial installation; they are all different. The only constant about each job is the pressure to be cost effective without compromising the reliability or serviceability of the finished product.

Reliability has been one of the fundamental advantages of Quest amplification and the new PA series is no exception. Due for limited release end of November 06 is the new Quest PAB 6480 480 watt 100 volt line amplifier. With a continuous 480 watts RMS and with a peak power over 700 watts, this new amplifier is just the thing for those distributed systems that need either very high power per speaker, or very broad coverage at 5-10 watt power tapings.  Priority 

Like all Quest amplifiers, it has practical features and it is built to work hard in tough environments without compromising sonic quality.

Quest PAB6480 front

Quest PAB6480 front

Quest PAB6480 Rear

Quest PAB6480 rear