April 2004

Small Systems install big system

Sydney's Luna Park has been an institution under the famous Harbor Bridge since the early 30's. Part of it's recent renovation was the sound system. A sound system has to compete with the screams of roller coaster riders and other 'hair raising' adventure rides. In the old days this was accomplished with the old fashioned horn speakers with very limited bandwidth.

These days patrons and the management want real full bandwidth sound for music as well as clear vocals in all weather and at high volume.

This challenging task was given to Sydney company Small Systems PA hire and installation. The company owner Chris Clough selected Quest Engineering for it's reliability, hi-fidelity and ease of service. His view was, "I knew the Quest boxes and amplifiers would handle everything thrown at them, rain, hail or shine".

The installation consists of a large number of QS 350 12" boxes, QA2000 amplifiers and supported by dual 15" sub bass boxes. "The system hammers like a disco system but still produces crystal clear vocals", commented Chris.

Next time your screaming down a high G force ride, look up and you'll see Quest.

Sydney's Luna Park
Sydney's Luna Park
Sydney's Luna Park