On the Road with the new QM12FR Fold-Back System

The newly released QM12FR multi-purpose monitor has been hit with a number of Australian live sound companies. It is a sign of changing music market trends that live bands are back in a big way. Quest initially entered the market with high powered sub bass systems for 12 hour rave dance parties and it is a sign of the times that one of the most popular products is a fold-back wedge.

Augusta Productions situated in the South Australian city of Port Augusta was the first Australian company to take delivery of a complete Quest QM 12MP monitor system and Alan Phillips, owner of the company was quick to send us some images taken with his phone camera of their first show.

"I really like this new system; it is a true multipurpose speaker without compromising it's capability as a foldback wedge. That is very handy when you're in a regional city and presented with a wide variety of production situations" was Alan's comment about the QM12MP after the first couple of jobs.

Alan also found the outside horn mirror pair configuration was great for lead vocal and loud guitar players who could be "coned in clean HF" without all the lobbing of HF interference present in many centre mounted horn wedges. "This makes EQ easy and these monitors need very little equalisation even on loud stages" was Alan's experience.

Whether corporate functions, hard rock bands or folk festivals, these new multi purpose speakers will be a real asset for Augusta productions.

QM12FR multi-purpose monitor, out door installation

Just the right wedge angle

QM12FR multi-purpose monitor, outdoor use

Flat response makes monitoring acoustic instruments easy

QM12FR multi-purpose monitor, out door use - close up

Not just for singers